Bike Bro – Dual Camera Motorcycle DVR

The “Bike Bro” is a comprehensive, reliable dual camera HD front & rear camera system and recorder (DVR) designed exclusively for Motorcycle use.

Key Features

  • Dual Channel Synchronised Recording
  • HD Quality featuring two discrete Cameras for front and rear mounting
  • Automatic Recording – starts to record automatically whenever the bike is started
  • Auto Switch Off – Stops recording and shuts down automatically after bike is parked
  • Recorded video resolution of 1280 x 720 per camera
  • Captured “Event” files are retained and protected from being overwritten
  • Waterproof 140 degree wide angle lens cameras with hi-tack 3M adhesive mounts
  • Compact 6.5cm x 5.8cm DVR control unit with 2.0” TFT Colour Display
  • Optional Handlebar mounted event capture button for manual footage recording
  • Built in G-Shock impact sensor (variable sensitivity)
  • Event Pre-Record Function
  • Loop Recording to Micro SD Card (Up to 32GB supported)
  • Time and Date Stamp on footage
  • Bike Powered with internal Battery Back-up (no battery packs to recharge)
  • Menu driven via built in screen for easy set up
  • Locking Automotive Grade waterproof connectors for long term reliability
  • No Overheating issues – allowing very long periods of continuous use
  • Smart Power Option for CANBUS Bikes (eg BMW, Triumph)
  • Waterproof GPS Sensor
  • AVI Video Format
  • Footage playback of both Front and Rear Cameras simultaneously
  • 25 f/s Video Frame Rate
  • Easy to fit – Easy to use.
  • Main DVR Unit can easily be removed for security – simply unplug from loom
  • Share one DVR Unit easily between two bikes with our second bike hardware kit
  • Designed for Bike Use, but also suitable for Cars & Vans (with Camera Extension Kit)
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 7 Day Customer Support (via Email outside of normal working hours)

There are various options available ranging in price from £139.99 to £174.99. Ring us to discuss your options or check out the full options at:  


Bike Seal

We are now an official distributor for 'Bike Seal'. This is an Eco Friendly solution for bike punctures. If a puncture occurs air pressure and  gyroscopic forces, force fibres and filler particles to form a permanent plug. This prevents further loss of pressure within the tyre. The solution is non- toxic unlike some other similar products. Used by both the UK and US Military.

We will install the product on site for an introductory price of £30.00. 

Tutoro De Lux Chain Oiler Kit

This simple but superb piece of well engineered equipment  works purely on gravity and requires no connection to any vacuum or electrical part of the motorcycle. We use 'Tutoro' chain oilers on all our chain driven machines. Well recommended for the long distance tourer. 

Tutoro chain oiler - de lux kit

Tutoro Chain Oil 

Specially formulated for use in the  'Tutoro' chain oiler. 

Tutoro chain oil

XCP Professional Rust Blocker

XCP Professional Rust Blocker is a high performance rust protector. Without a doubt it out performs many other similar well known products. We use this product to protect our own bikes and can vouch that the performance is second to none. We will only post the aerosol version. Collect your Rust Blocker and for a small fee we will also spray your machine as we find that is the most economical way to apply the product. We estimate that the trigger pack applied in this way will be sufficient for at least six applications, perhaps even more. Try it and see because you won't be disappointed.

XCP Rust Blocker

Portable Jump Starter Battery

The PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter (U.S. Patented) is a convenient and powerful device that combines 3 different products: a battery charger, a car jump starter, and an LED flash light altogether into one compact design that can easily fit inside your pocket, the glove box inside the vehicle, or carry bag for travel. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of portable power bank battery chargers.

Portable battery jump starter

Elastic mesh cargo net 30 cm x 30 cm

Always handy to have a cargo net packed away to store those extra bits and pieces that you bought on your travels. 

Cargo net

Support for 5 litre Jerrican

Extra fuel for the long distance traveller.

Jerrican 5 litre support

Nylon Straps

These handy straps are ideal for securing those extra bits and pieces to the lid of your aluminium panniers or for however else you wish to use them. 

Nylon strap

OASISAND Desierto pannier bags 25L

Cordura 1100 dyed and coated (polyurethane and waterproofing finished)
Reflective Material.

Oasisand Desert bags 25l


This handy tool roll fits nicely in to the Raid toolbox.


Luggage OASIS 31 / 52litre Duna Bag.

These handy waterproof rugged Duna bags shown here come in two sizes at 31 litres and 52 litres. A useful piece of equipment.

31 litre Duna bag
52 litre Duna bag

 USB Type Connectors. 

Provides 2 charging ports with weather cover. Waterproof unit has a low profile design and allows for fast charging of multiple devices. Connects straight to battery or other suitable power connection.Works great with tablets and smartphones (iPad, Android, Galaxy, others), MP3s, and GPS.

USB connector