Centre stand skidplate for the R1200 GS LC

Centrestand skidplate for the R1200 GS LC which extends protection from the sumpguard / engine skidplate. Made of 3MM aluminum with four clamps that secure the guard to the stand, this will help fully protect the underside of your GS.

BMW R1200GS LC centre stand skid plate

Engine Skid plate.

Engine/sumpguard  skidplate for the R1200 GS LC which can be used in conjunction with the centre stand skid plate to provide complete protection for the underside of your machine.

BMW R1200GS LC engine skid plate

Cylinder Guard R1200 GS LC

DS Bike Protection cylinder head guards for the  R1200GS LC 2013.  These guards are laser cut and formed from 4MM aluminum.  All screws and bushings required for installation are included.  Available in aluminum/silver and black anonized.  Protect your valve covers if your GS goes down, and make sure you can ride out versus being towed out!

BMW R1200GS LC cylinder guards

Headlight Guard BMW R1200 GS LC - metal

Headlight guard for the new R1200GS LC is lightweight, yet protects the expensive headlight assembly from damage.  It fits perfectly and mounts quickly to the factory mounting points, available in black.

BMW R1200GS LC headlight protector

Headlight Protector R1200 GS LC - polycarbonate

The DS Bike Protection headlight guard is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate 4 mm with strong aluminum mounting bracket to prevent movement.

BMW R1200GS LC headlight protector

Hella Lights - Guards - Switch.

These DS Bike Protection guards are laser cut and formed from 2mm aluminum.  Protect your Hella Micro DE driving or fog lights for a fraction of the replacement cost!  Mount up easily and look great in either black or aluminum/silver. Includes: Hella Lights - Guards - Switch - Support

BMW R1200GS LC light kit

Sidestand enlarger.

The stock footprint of the R1200 GS LC side stand is fairly small for a larger bike, making it a somewhat risky proposition to park on hot asphalt or loose sand, especially when you're loaded up with gear for a long ride.


Raid toolbox in aluminium or black.

Raid toolbox specifically designed to fit with the stock sidecase racks on your BMW R1200GS LC.  Made by DS Bike Protection of 2MM aluminium.  Waterproof and lockable, with easy access to approximately 3L of storage from the rear of the bike.  Installs easily and does not hinder use of the sidecases.  Will fit  BMW and Touratech  pannier rails.  Please state which rails you have at the time of ordering. Extra £7.50 for black powder coating.

Type of luggage rails