Being the proprietor of a motorcycle touring and training business we are often asked, "What do we need in addition to a bike to carry on our riding?"

Over the years we have tried to give the best advice to those that ask and help them on their way to enjoy their biking even more.

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There is just so much out there in the market place. We have always tried to suggest those items that will be of use and are not just gimmicks to be sold as an add on for your machine.  

We concentrate on supplying items that are useful and  bespoke, made by   manufacturers whose business is so small that the extra bit of care and attention to detail is taken. 


Whilst we have in the past suggested various items of equipment we have been approached by DS Bike Protection equipment to act as their sole distributors in the United Kingdom. We have listed a number of items on our web site. If the item that you require is not listed then just contact us. We can arrange delivery direct from our supplier. 

In the early stages of development our web site is currently being developed and upgraded with additional products frequently. If you do not see the item you are looking for then please contact us and we shall aim to please.

All our prices include postage and packing within mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. For postage prices elsewhere please contact us directly. We do not post overseas.